I had always been skeptical about laser hair removal treatments. I didn't believe they could produce results and if they did it would take years of painful treatments to see any obvious changes...I was mistaken! I have not only had a comfortable treatment, I can see a visible 50% reduction in my hair growth only after one session. I haven't shaved since my appointment because my hair has not required it.... life changing results!
If you are thinking about hair removal laser stop and get yourself booked in as soon as possible. Cliniq9 have the latest technology to get you the fastest results. I have tried several clinics before Cliniq9 and I have not had much luck anywhere else - 5 stars all round.
Laser hair removal is a must for women who shave regularly. I am so glad I finally booked in with Cliniq9. I was so nervous as I didn't know what to expect. The therapist quickly put me at ease, she answered all of my concerns and worries and I was completely relaxed throughout my treatment. I have already noticed a reduction in the regrowth and am excited to see what results I will achieve.

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